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While NFTs enjoy a host of benefits from being a blockchain digital asset, these benefits are often outweighed by the slow rate of adoption of the technology. As such, cultivating a healthy token economy starts with incentivising users to embrace the technology and its benefits.
There is a significant barrier between traditional finance and decentralised finance that follows through into this realm and therefore, in order to bridge this gap, Froyo Games utilises some familiar mechanisms that are already present in many markets to incentivise and jumpstart economies through rewards.
Froyo Gamebox is a service that is familiar to most individuals who are familiar with e-commerce as it is widely implemented on e-commerce and online shopping platforms.
This service will create and deploy off-chain minigames that can be easily accessible even to those who may not be onboarded with blockchain services. These games offer players the chance to compete and win prizes, some or all of which can be in the form of tickets redeemable for NFTs, including those that are minted on the Froyo Games platform.
It is through these prizes we can entice even more users to get onboard with Froyo Games to redeem their rewards and realise their full potential - or to help them see the value in the ownership of a Froyo NFT. This is an otherwise difficult angle to pitch to potential users as many may be turned away by the intimidating nature of crypto assets, unpopular opinion about NFTs or risk factors involved in investing in NFTs. It also presents an opportunity to pitch Froyo Games mission and goals that they may otherwise be unaware of.


The way Froyo Gamebox functions is first by establishing prizes. As mentioned before these can be NFTs but also sponsored items by brands and companies who are looking to make their products more visible.
After a prize pool is established, players can pick their choice of prize in order to join the tournament. They will then have to play minigames in order to earn tickets that can help them win prizes. In order to keep the process more fair, instead of awarding the prize to the player that collected the most tickets, the tickets are entered into a draw and the winner or winners are then selected at random from the draw. A higher number of tickets will give a player a higher chance at winning the prize but does not guarantee that the best player will always win. This keeps the platform more fair and adds excitement to the process.


Froyo Gamebox will also be a part of the Froyo Games platform where current users can also compete to win prizes. Through this, Froyo Games is able to offer brands and blockchain projects another unique outlet to advertise their products as it can reach an audience that is potentially even wider than that of the Froyo Games userbase.
Brands will be able to contribute their tokens, physical gifts or NFTs as prizes that will be made up for grabs through Froyo Gamebox.
However the prize is only the beginning of the benefit of Froyo GameBox to brands and companies looking for more exposure. Players who agree to participate will have to agree to their details being shared and therefore, those who enter the draws on Froyo Gamebox will have their names and emails captured to facilitate lead generation from the interest they had shown in the prize.
Challenges to earn tickets can also be tailored to promote brand engagement. This can be done to boost engagement between current customers and users of a product while also attracting even more users to see what these companies or brands have to offer.
Players who have been incentivised to participate can also be a potential source of better click-through and advertising response, such as when an advertisement promotes the chance of being able to win a prize just for playing games with no investment or purchase necessary.


We are well past the era when games were solely meant as entertainment for children. In a challenging world of today, games have become an outlet to relieve stress, enjoy healthy competition and socialise with others.
In creating products and services that bring delight to the user, Froyo GameBox can carry that positive experience through to brands and companies and help players associate such brands with positive experiences.
People gravitate towards positive experiences and are likely to return to them to experience the same delight and joy they first experienced with it. Froyo GameBox can make this experience a reality since the playing field is more level and less skin to an esports tournament or the complexity of blockchain games. Instead since everyone who participates has a chance to win, players are encouraged to come back for more.
A positive brand experience can also be extended by the brand itself by offering more prizes regularly in order to keep players coming back for more and building loyalty. As there will be a limit on how many games can be played in a single day in order to further level the playing field, players will have to come back more often to increase their chances of winning rather than by grinding continuously for one long session. Not only does this reduce player burnout but it also will build player loyalty that can in turn, be rewarded through higher chances of winning a prize.


The Froyo Gamebox is not designed to replace or succeed the main business model of Froyo Games. It is instead, a service designed to complement the gaming platform while also utilising games to boost user engagements, revenue sharing channels with partners, brand image and awareness.
Together, Froyo Gamebox can bolster a healthier participation of players inside the Froyo Games ecosystem, attract more players to the platform and boost the involvement of players who are already in the ecosystem by giving them more value for their gaming playtime.
It is also a great way to involve companies and brands who may not be comfortable or confident in NFTs to still partake and enjoy Froyo Gamebox’s services through more traditional prize sponsorships and offerings.