Our Mission

Casual gaming, esports and blockchain are three industries that are moving at an incredible pace in today’s digital world. Though all three are within the same industrial sector, the parallel movement of these industries causes them to seldom cross into each other's territories. There are many proven methods combining two of the three aforementioned industries. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games for mobile devices such as Mobile Legends have spawned incredible player bases and are played extensively at multiple esports leagues around the world.

At Froyo Games, we aim to connect all three of these industries through a platform that is driven by both the community as well as incubation programs for brands and influencers to expand their audience. A key metric in the fast-paced world of media and information technology is audience. The divide between quality and quantity is glaringly present in the many games and services offered in this industry. We at Froyo Games believe in not just attracting an audience but retaining an audience by creating a platform where gamers can enjoy a lower barrier to entry when it comes to enjoying multiple games.

Despite the many passionate arguments between the video game audience and cryptocurrency enthusiasts over hot topics such as GPU price gouging, misunderstanding NFTs and cryptocurrency scams, the markets have a massive overlap, mostly comprising young, tech-savvy individuals from all over the world. It is an incredible coincidence that the democratisation of cryptocurrency was so well-timed with how affordable, powerful smartphones entered the market, empowering even more people from many more layers of the economy to participate in the world of tech that was once reserved for the wealthy.

With enough education and guidance, there are many opportunities that can be explored through the unity of the audience that spans these industries. Froyo Games aims to not just create a platform but also will play an active role in the curation of content on the platform, the upkeep of the codebase and the development of new exciting ways to implement gamified finance into existing and new technologies.

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