Our Vision

The mobile game market is ridiculously competitive and crowded with many studios in the industry. Not everyone has been able to get the kind of foothold that more established developers have in this space and over the last decade of making and publishing mobile games, it’s something we as a team of game makers have felt strongly about. We want to be able to share our success with them through the release of an SDK that will help many of those studios who were not so lucky to implement NFT technology into their games so that they can regain an edge in this competitive environment.

Beyond this we extend our services with an NFT launchpad that gives promising games a much needed signal boost to a wider audience including our existing robust user base, Froyo token holders and potentially users on BSC who are always looking for new and exciting ways to spend and make use of their tokens within the ecosystem.

Furthermore our NFT marketplace will be where anyone on the Froyo platform can easily trade, without requiring developers to spin up their own trading platform. Finally to bring healthy competition to the platform while fostering these new games at the same time, we will work with esports platforms within our ecosystem.

Last but not least, we are also cultivating a social marketing GameFi based platform called Froyo Gamebox which will feature a series of fun yet interactive play-to-earn and play-to-win competitive mini games whereby NFTs launched on our NFT Launchpad can be won, thus building a high level of user engagement and brand awareness - a gamified version of Syrup pool on Pancakeswap or Onsen on Sushiswap.

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