Collaborations With Gaming Projects

Launchpads are seeing increasingly more projects attempting to get onto their platform and with the amount of influence they hold, many launchpad providers are faced with a challenge of having to choose between a multitude of projects that all show incredible potential. In the end, only the most innovative projects ripe for their time can make it in this highly competitive scene. Given the limited number of projects that can be accepted into a launchpad, those that fail to make the program end up having to look for other platforms to boost the visibility of their token generation events. Although widespread in the DeFi space even since the days of Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs, the latest place to experience this is the NFT economy which is growing much faster than launchpads are able to keep up with.

Although decentralisation is one of the promise ideals of DeFi, launchpads are able to provide a centralised signal boost for high-quality projects. Through working directly with the teams behind these promising projects, launchpads will have a deep understanding as well as a bird's eye view of the project roadmap. This encompasses the people involved in the project, the tokenomics, smart contract code auditing and the project infrastructure - all of which need to fulfil the criteria in the launchpad's rubric of what is deemed to be the community standard. Though NFTs are still new technology, more and more people are taking a keen interest in understanding what they can do and how powerful they are. This has brought about an increase in the number of potential users who are looking to interact and possibly invest into NFTs, expanding the potential user base for more projects in this ecosystem.

The Froyo NFT Launchpad is created in order to be a springboard for what are deemed to be among the more promising upcoming projects in the NFT space. Using a simplified inclusion of NFT into games via our comprehensive SDK approach, the Froyo NFT launchpad is able to present itself as an optimal confluence between the various NFT host technologies and allowing new projects to reach an audience of interested users with minimal friction when it comes to dealing with the technicalities associated with digital assets.

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