Froyo Gamebox

What is Gamebox?

Gamebox is a web3 games arcade that is fun and fulfilling. This platform consists of mini-games that are easily accessible even to those who may not be familiar with blockchain services. All you need to do is play games and get rewarded. It’s as simple as that.

Play casual games for serious prizes. Users stand a chance to take home virtual goods with utilities such as merchandise or NFT collectibles, just by playing current and upcoming games on Gamebox.

Gamebox is also a platform that connects brands and companies with a high degree of user engagement and brand awareness. It allows brand owners to promote brand awareness and deliver a gamified experience to their target audiences, through showcasing products and services in a fun and interactive manner.

Gamebox Mechanics.

Froyo Gamebox is a platform that combines a series of play-to-win games. You can play simple yet competitive mini-games to win tickets that you can use to buy into raffles for exciting prizes ranging from NFT collectibles to exclusive merchandise.

With a few simple steps, you stand a chance to win exclusive NFTs with plenty of utilities. Simply pick an NFT or your choice of great prizes, and participate in the running tournament to win tickets and wait for the prize draw to start. The prize draw will begin once the total number of tickets reaches the pool limit. A winner will be drawn from the pool of tickets. Players compete globally to get the highest score to win more tickets within the running tournament. The tickets will automatically be entered into the drawing pool. The more tickets you have, the higher the chance of winning.

Every game costs one gem. Fret not! You can always obtain free gems by taking a chance on spinning the wheel or buy more gems using $FROYO on the Froyo website.

How to be a Gamebox pioneer?

Join the Gamebox Alpha Access Whitelist event to stand a chance to try out the new features of Gamebox. All you need is to hold at least 10k $FROYO and register yourself on the Froyo website. There are limited slots, registration will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis. The registration will close once the slots have been fully taken.

Alternatively, you can also vote-lock your $FROYO for $veFROYO on the Froyo website regardless of any locking period as long as you acquire at least 1,250 $veFROYO in your account to qualify for the Alpha Access.

We have not forgotten our loyal community! For all $veFROYO holders out there, fret not! Those already equipped with at least 1,250 $veFROYO, will be auto-whitelisted for Gamebox Alpha Access. Every eligible $veFROYO holders who fulfills the above criteria will be informed via an email that contains details on how to access the Gamebox Alpha.

Not only that, there will also be exclusive prizes such as 200,000 $FROYO and NFT collectibles to win in the Alpha Access.

In a nutshell

Gamebox is a platform that not just allows the user to play casual games and win serious prizes, it also acts as the bridge that connects brands and their target audiences. So do not forget to visit the Froyo website to get yourself whitelisted and stand a chance to grab the exclusive prizes in the Alpha Access. Limited slots will be available. Be there or be square!

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