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The incubation service will acquire value from the success in developing a robust, complete and relevant support structure that can help fill in the missing knowledge and skills in project that we incubate. Our task is to develop the groundwork for a productive incubation program that fulfils the needs of the projects we work with by investing resources into feasibility studies. Starting an incubation process with a well-researched feasibility study will help to determine the prospect of the project, where it can build a solid market base and establish a sound financial base with healthy community support. All of these are critical factors in establishing a synergy which ultimately leads to the success of all the parties involved.

Our hope is to be able to help projects achieve more innovation in their operations. With a proactive ecosystem, this can provide for more resources, advice, proper network setup and also potential for funding. Our value proposition will be in the form of the services we provide as follows:

  • Project Structuring Just because a project reaches a revenue-generating phase does not necessarily mean that the incubation is complete. A continued effort to build momentum through recruitment and continuous funding is also vital for continued success. We will continue to advise and provide connections to networks that can play a role in keeping projects relevant and drive growth.

  • Specialised Coaching Starting off in a new field can be intimidating to many and also be a source of stress and culture that ultimately drives new players away from innovation. We will take measures to prevent this from happening through close guidance from a team of experienced professionals who will be able to support these projects and assist in any doubts they may have.

  • Establishing Relationships We will assist projects in building strategic relationships with our partners and other projects in order to take advantage of what other projects have to offer such as potential financing, access to a wider user base and synergy with other project offerings for mutual benefit.

  • Building Credibility We will ensure that projects under our incubation program will be able to get good visibility to the right audience and increased exposure to potential investors and adopters


Great games do not necessarily need a fantastic storyline. For instance, the hit mobile game Angry Birds has no focus on a compelling storyline aside from a simple narrative. While for some games storylines are important it does not necessarily translate into a fun and challenging experience for the player.

Great games also utilise interactivity to add to the immersive experience of the player. Unlike movies where you are but a passenger, a game gives the player a great deal of control over many aspects and sometimes even the direction of the entire game.

A study of the popular Massively Online Multiplayer Role Playing Game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft shows that despite the deep lore behind the game and also the Warcraft franchise, players often are not bothered with playing the game in campaign mode as the multiplayer mode of the game has much more interesting offerings and social features. Battle Royale style games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite are games with little to no storyline involved in the gameplay and are a great example of how just gameplay alone have become determining factors in the success of the game itself. If the players are enjoying themselves, people will want to play it.


It is common knowledge that in the process of making a game, it is important to have a vision of the type of game that is being made and ultimately what it the experience the player should have. A game can be a way to tell a story or several stories in a highly interactive way. When asked about the most immersive games that people have played, the most common games that come to mind are games with a compelling storyline that drew the players in and made them want to play more. Single-player or campaign games may be limited in terms of how much gameplay they can offer as there is little to no replay value and most campaign games do not have multiplayer elements. In some cases these games are still able to attract many players just from the well-developed lore of the game. One of the big challenge in the industry is to find a way to balance a great story with great gameplay and we have extensive years of experience in delivering high quality game play as proven with our strategic partners' portfolio.


Another desire that is common between many gamers is for a game to have good graphics. For most games this is the primary interface of the experience and thus, all its elements from environments, characters and even lighting plays a big role in the look and feel of the game. With the rapid advancements in hardware power on all platforms including PCs, consoles, mobile devices and Virtual Reality, more and more games seek to use this technology to their fullest potential to provide a hyper-realistic experience where players can have a more immersive experience.

With the mainstream adoption of raytracing technology in modern graphics processors, games can be almost photorealistic and can closely recreate the the intentions of the developers with almost lifelike accuracy. However, it has been sometimes proven that great graphics do not necessarily translate into a realistic experience. Sometimes great gameplay need not come from exciting and realistic graphics.

By incorporating improvisation into our game visuals and design, we can make them fit into the stories we want to tell. For a game to have great visuals it does not necessarily mean that the game itself needs to be constrained by the limits of the world we know. Visuals can often be used to enhance the overall experience of games. From cartoony, flat colour illustrations to three dimensional particle systems, different graphic options can be chosen to determine what best fits the game.‌


Froyo Games' approach to this issue is to not just create new games and services but also an ecosystem for them to live on. This benefits everyone in the ecosystem. Gamers will get to truly own their in-game assets, influencers will have a platform to make their brands more visible and developers will have tools that they can use to their advantage. Game developers stand to benefit greatly with a head start as they can publish their games to a platform where there are players at the ready to try new games and services knowing that they can bring their current in-game assets from their other adventures within the ecosystem to new games and allow them to explore new horizons more comfortably.

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