Froyo Games Software Development Kit (SDK) are the tools made available to game developers to take a chunk of the tediousness out of building blockchain games. Froyo Games approach to blockchain gaming allows developers to not just implement Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into their game, but to also create and manage such tokens without requiring any blockchain-specific coding. The platform will be openly accessible to anyone from independent casual game developers all the way up to AAA gaming studios.

The current state of blockchain gaming is one that is difficult to enter. This resulted in many new companies seeking to enter the market to deploy white-label solutions, resulting in a generic product. It is incredibly time consuming and also expensive for developers to build a stable and scalable game on the blockchain which is also fast and secure.


Froyo Dashboard

Game developers require knowledge in how to code on the blockchain. Froyo Dashboard provides a minimal code solution for developers to deploy, mint and manage NFTs.

The Froyo Dashboard is a control panel that simplifies the process for game developers with different levels of experience to be able to create their in-game assets in the form of NFTs via a simple, no-code interface. Among some of the many features we offer Froyo dashboard are Easy creation of NFTs for in-game use, view players and their assets, universal on-chain login module, assets and players authentication etc.

In summary, the Froyo dashboard takes care of the heavy lifting with no blockchain contract coding involved for the developer.

Froyo Software Development Kit (SDK)

Game developers need low-latency and sub-second API response times. The Froyo SDK optimises transactions in order to bring blockchain games up to the same speed as other, non-blockchain video games to enable competitive performance.

The Froyo SDK is the technology that eliminates the difficulty and risks involved with blockchain coding and allows for the integration of digital assets to be done with just a few lines of code. The Froyo NFT Dashboard can then populate the game inventory with the appropriate NFTs to complete the process. This is done through the use of the Froyo Games platform and its binding of game player IDs to their corresponding blockchain wallet, allowing for minimal friction for players to connect their games to their wallet without compromising their wallet security.

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