Froyo Games


Froyo Games has announced its new roadmap for 2023 with a new vision. Read the announcement here.

Q1 2023

  • Design and Development for Pool-to-Play reward system
  • Froyo Launcher
  • ESPL Arena launch on Froyo Launcher
  • Froyo Gamebox global launch
  • Froyo Gamebox website revamp
  • Froyo Gamebox “Insurance” System

Q2 2023

  • Introduction of Pool-to-Play system
  • First projects on Froyo Launcher
  • Introduction and launch of new casual games under Pool-to-Play
  • Massive multiplayer casual game “Snake” comes to Froyo Gamebox

Q3 2023

  • New projects on Froyo Launcher
  • More games added to Pool-to-Play
  • Design and Development of Wager-to-Play
  • Ambassador program for Froyo Games

Q4 2023

  • New projects on Froyo Launcher
  • Pool-to-Play System (Multi-chain expansion)
  • Wager-to-Play (Multi-chain expansion)
  • Froyo Launcher (Multi-chain expansion)
  • Launch more games under Pool-to-Play and Wager system
  • Introduction to MOBAv1 (Code name for MOBA game)
  • Design and Development for MOBAv1
  • MOBAv1 Private Alpha