Here’s how the $FROYO token works, why you should have some and how you can make the best of your holdings.

At a Glance

Our primary token $FROYO is a fungible BEP20 token that lives on the Binance Smart Chain. Aside from being the main currency in the Froyo metaverse, $FROYO will be used for participating in game launches, ve-mechanism farming, P2E rewards, staking, liquidity mining and most importantly — utility within the Froyo Games platform’s ecosystem.

The total supply of one billion (1,000,000,000) $FROYO tokens will be minted at launch and will be fixed forever. No additional tokens will be minted.

In order to provide our investors, gamers and creators with full transparency, we are also publishing our vesting schedule. You can find that below along with a chart outlining the allocations for the various holders of $FROYO.

Rewards and Benefits of $FROYO

Gamified Finance (GameFi) is a truly disruptive technology in both the blockchain and gaming space that opens new avenues for profit, gaming and community. Play-to-earn economic models become more significant with the addition of true digital ownership of in-game currencies and assets. Players can now earn as they play. $FROYO token holders can use their holdings for much more than purchasing items on a marketplace. Through staking, holders can procure rewards in the form of exclusive NFTs, new game tokens and profits in the form of additional $FROYO tokens.

Froyo metaverse stakeholders from investors and gamers to creators and developers can all participate in the Froyo Games Publisher Network. While $FROYO token staking allows for democratic implementation of new features on the platform, stakeholders can also participate through participation in blockchain education programmes and excelling in guild operations and leadership. These actions may be rewarded with $FROYO tokens as an appreciation for those who benefit the platform and as an initiative for others to do the same.

The public sale of $FROYO will be a significant event for the platform. However, we are not making it such that it is the only way to participate and acquire tokens. Aside from the public sale, $FROYO tokens can also be procured through:

Staking Rewards — Token holders can stake their in-game NFT assets to earn $FROYO tokens.

$veFROYO — Token holders can also stake $FROYO tokens for $veFROYO in order to participate in the governance of Froyo Publisher Network and vote on the reward gauges for new gaming tokens that will be featured and used in upcoming games published on the Froyo Games platform. $veFROYO token holders will get to earn upcoming gaming tokens from Froyo Publisher Network.

Play-To-Earn — Perhaps the most democratized part of the ecosystem, players can stand to earn $FROYO tokens just from playing selected games that use the token for their in-game economy. This allows anyone to be able to participate in the Froyo Games ecosystem with little to no upfront investment in the form of cryptocurrency.

Play-To-Win — The Froyo Gamebox is a casually fun yet competitive offering featuring simple yet competitive games that $FROYO will be used to purchase tickets to increase the chances of winning a wide range of prizes from physical giveaways to NFTs and other digital assets.

Froyo Store— The $FROYO token will be the primary medium of transaction in the Froyo Store where tokens both fungible and non-fungible can be purchased. While a variety of payment methods will be supported, special perks such as discounts await those who opt to use the $FROYO token for their transactions.

$veFROYO — Vote-locking for $FROYO tokens

As we continue to develop and build the Froyo Games platform, we are also building the ecosystem to be rewarding to its users, especially those who are committed to supporting us for the long haul.

With $veFROYO, you choose how long you want to commit and lock your $FROYO tokens for, with fixed terms from 3 months all the way to 2 years available for you to choose from. The longer you vote-lock your $FROYO, the more rewards and perks you will receive.

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