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Since NFTs found a use case in the world of digital art, they have become both famous and infamous on the internet with celebrities and influencers either setting them as their profile pictures (PFP) on their preferred platforms. These NFTs usually come in the form of a square artwork, sometimes in the form of a headshot or profile of a character. Among the first groups that made NFT PFPs were CryptoPunks which launched in 2017 when 10,000 unique artworks in the form of NFT were created and then given out for free on the ETH blockchain. These were made on the onset of non fungible tokens in the blockchain space and were seen by some as collectibles since some were rarer than others. Although it is unclear if their original purpose was to become profile pictures, blockchain evangelists began using them as such - with the intention of signalling to others who had also joined the bandwagon that they’re on the same hype train.

Froyo Games doesn’t just make it super easy for creators to mint their NFT. Such technology alone is not enough to produce a successful and viable infrastructure. Froyo Games aims to also provide the tools needed to succeed in the GameFi space by removing as much technical jargon from the equation, allowing the creative teams to focus on their artistic side with minimal distraction instead of having to manage a digital marketplace. Froyo GameFi also removes this same obstacle for entrepreneurs, simplifying the process for launching such digital goods directly on the NFT marketplace which would cascade across the industry, bringing down the financial barrier of entry for promising developers and studios by democratising access to capital. Artists and creators will also enjoy a much simpler process of minting and listing their digital assets for sale in the NFT community where items listed for sale becomes available for purchase on the platform with minimal friction in the process. With the technical barriers lowered through Froyo Games services, there will be much more room for artists and creators to thrive together in the ecosystem.


Artwork is just one of many use cases of NFTs. On the ESPL platform, trophies and medals awarded at esports tournaments will be minted as NFT and given to the winners. It is through this marriage of limited-edition NFT with esports trophies that are already contested by professional teams with thousands of fans and followers, the opportunity to capture this audience is our path to mass adoption. With the esports industry booming, influencers, sponsorships and even broadcast rights also found a myriad of new opportunities in this space. Bringing digital assets into the esports landscape is a catalyst that could appreciate the value of prize pools to levels that were once only seen in tournaments for more traditional contact sports. A compounding effect of this could mean that more participants throw their hat into the ring, thus expanding the landscape and increasing the potential for these digital assets.

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