Vote-locking $FROYO tokens for passive rewards and perks.

Mechanics of $veFROYO

$veFROYO is a vote-lock mechanism which allows $FROYO holders to earn passive rewards by locking their $FROYO tokens for a fixed term. Vote-locking is an increasingly popular mechanism for ground-breaking DeFi projects as it provides more value compared to traditional staking protocols. Users can accrue rewards that can later be harvested by simply locking their tokens for a period of time.

Your rewards will depend on how long you choose to lock your $FROYO. The longer you lock, the more rewards you will accrue. Do note that you will not be able to unlock your $FROYO until the end of your vote-lock term and new $veFROYO deposits will run each have their own unlock times.

You may opt to harvest rewards manually for them to show up in your wallet (harvesting will require gas). Your $veFROYO will continue to accrue rewards even after the vote-lock period has elapsed. Note that withdrawing your $veFROYO to $FROYO tokens will automatically harvest its rewards, therefore it is not necessary to harvest rewards before withdrawing your $veFROYO to $FROYO.

Rewards breakdown:

The following is a breakdown of the rewards distributed to vote-lock participants.

$FROYO token emissions

$veFROYO participants will earn up to 200% APR.

Upcoming native game tokens

$veFROYO participants will be entitled to rewards in the form of airdrop new tokens that will be used in upcoming games published.

Potential NFT airdrops

$veFROYO holders will be rewarded potential NFTs featured in the Froyo platform.

Locking terms for $veFROYO

Enjoy attractive veFROYO rewards depending on the vote-lock period!

Where do the rewards come from?

% of Gamebox fees

The Froyo GameBox is a web3 arcade that is fun and fulfilling where players play simple yet competitive mini-games to win tickets that they can buy into raffles for a chance to either win from a lucky draw (more tickets, higher chance) or the PVP mode (Prize pool) for exciting prizes ranging from NFT collectibles to exclusive merchandise. Think of it as a gamified version of Pancakeswap’s Syrup Pool. Players will have to pay a fee to participate, and with Froyo’s access to our strategic developer’s acquisition Storms, we potentially have access to over 700 million users.

% of Marketplace fees

The Froyo Marketplace is where all trading on the Froyo platform will take place. Every transaction on the marketplace will be charged fees on top of network gas fees, and a portion of these fees will be paid out as rewards for $veFROYO participants.

Froyo Games aims to push 8 games out on the platform by 2022. All these games will use the Froyo Marketplace for trading. As more games get launched on the platform, expect the fees collected to increase exponentially, resulting in more rewards that can be distributed between even more users!

% of Launchpad fees

The Froyo Launchpad is where we launch new games and experiences in an IGO-style. Developers raise funds in $FROYO through the launchpad by selling their game’s native tokens. The Froyo platform charges a fee for this service, and a portion of this fee will be channelled to $veFROYO participants.

% of $FROYO emissions

In addition to the above, we will be allocating 2% from our ecosystem funds to bootstrap the staking mechanism for $veFROYO. These add up to bring continuous and sustained rewards to those who throw in their support with Froyo Games for the long term.

$veFROYO’s rewards system will bear several different fruits, meaning that rewards will not only be in the form of $FROYO tokens. For example, while $FROYO is the primary medium of transaction on the Froyo Marketplace, it’s not the only token that’s accepted there, and thus fees will be collected in multiple different tokens and subsequently deposited into the $veFROYO rewards pool.

In a nutshell

$veFROYO is a great way to maximize your holdings by locking $FROYO as it’s flexible, secure and hassle-free. Grow your portfolio with $veFROYO while you HODL.

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