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When technology becomes more accessible, barriers to entry become lower for more people to participate and create content. With this comes fierce competition to establish a footing in a democratic space where everyone has the means to create content. This has been a proven pattern in almost any technology from game streaming to cryptocurrencies.

In an ever-expanding world saturated with content, Froyo Games seeks to help parties who are interested in entering the world of gamified finance by providing an incubation service. This service will be available to social media influencers, brands and esports teams as a platform for creating exclusive unique digital assets that can do much more than simply exist as a digital asset.

Froyo Games' NFTs and NFT-based games will be a part of the ecosystem, adding both value and artistic flavour to games and other offerings to enhance the user experience. Simply importing brand imagery into an NFT incubator would be insufficient for a value proposal for both the audience of Froyo Games as well as the brand involved. Therefore Froyo Games will be engaging artists, designers and other visual graphic talents in our incubation program to connect them with brands and clients to create engaging NFTs that will rise to become valuable digital assets.


The popular interpretation of NFTs on the internet is commonly limited to digital artworks and collectibles. This is largely associated with the unpopular opinion of how low-quality or sometimes stolen artwork wind up getting traded an how such an economy is ruining livelihoods for digital artists. Non-fungible digital assets have come a long way since their genesis on the blockchain, from coloured coins all the way to in-game items that players can finally truly own. BEP-721 NFTs are able to integrate rich metadata that can be used to unlock a plethora of features in technologies far beyond just digital artwork.

Froyo Games NFTs will not just be limited-edition creative artworks that can be digitally owned on the blockchain, they will also be integrated into the many games on the Froyo Games ecosystem, allowing them to take the form of in-game cosmetics and items that can enhance the player enjoyment and give their NFTs a whole new level of functionality.

Furthermore, Froyo Games believes that the way to keep this ecosystem healthy is to make it an open one. Therefore a Software Development Kit (SDK) will be made available to game developers so that anyone who is interested can build the functionality of Froyo Games NFTs right into their games. That way they can benefit from allowing players to hit the ground running when trying a game for the first time, including popular in-game assets already available on the Froyo Games NFT platform and also share in the audience base enjoyed by other games on the platform.

The product of Froyo Games NFTs will also be utilised to foster a high quality Play-to-Earn (P2E) experience that adds value to the player experience and allows players to earn potentially own their in-game currency in the form of blockchain tokens. It will also allow different games and services on the Froyo Games network to share such currency.

The NFTs created for these games can also be used for Player-Versus-Player (PVP) gameplay where players can use these NFTs in the form of collectible characters or trading cards. Froyo Games can now add a new dimension of gameplay where powerful in-game assets can be traded. The gamification of these NFTs can create a market economy for them as well.


While NFTs enjoy a host of benefits from being a blockchain digital asset, these benefits are often outweighed by the slow rate of adoption of the technology. As such, cultivating a healthy token economy starts with incentivising users to embrace the technology and its benefits.

Froyo Gamebox is the Game Marketing branch of Froyo Games. It is a a combination of free-to-play and play-to-win mini games all in one platform.

Think of it as a gamified recreation of Syrup pool on Pancakeswap or Onsen on Sushiswap.It is a service that is familiar to most individuals who are familiar with e-commerce as it is widely implemented on e-commerce and online shopping platforms.

Froyo Gamebox is not designed to replace or succeed the main business model of Froyo Games. It is instead, a service designed to complement the gaming platform while also utilising mini games to boost user engagements, revenue sharing channels with partners, brand image and awareness. It is a gamified approach to similar offerings such as Syrup Pool on Pancakeswap or Onsen on Sushiswap.

Froyo Gamebox can bolster a healthier participation of players inside the Froyo Games ecosystem, attract more players to the platform and boost the involvement of players who are already in the ecosystem by giving them more value for their gaming playtime.

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