Froyo NFT Launchpad


To address the problem where NFTs have not been able to reach their full digital potential this project also seeks to push the community-oriented side of NFTs through an incubation model where brands, esports teams or even more traditional video game brands can create a product that can then be sold, traded and promoted by another brand or IP.

Brands have begun to test the waters of the NFT scene by minting their own NFTs and adopting some strategies. However, many of these are barely scratching the surface and without significant effort to drive value into their NFTs their projects often become forgotten. With a launchpad and incubation service, the solution to this problem and a complete approach to NFTs from idea to execution can be offered as a service. This would cut down greatly on the cost, time and effort that brands would otherwise need to invest.

The solution that a curation service can bring to both the NFT space as well as the User-Generated Content (UGC) universe is able to benefit both through a solution that is comprehensive and affordable in terms of money, time and skills required.


Although the world of traditional art and digital art is vastly different, a key problem from the traditional world is also plaguing NFT artists - determining the value of their work.

Situations such as artists setting too low/high for their artwork or traders buying overpriced artwork often frustrate and disappoint many artists, curators and traders, eventually amounting to a point where they decide to exit the market. This problem is made worse by the pop culture influence of celebrities and personalities making millions of dollars releasing sometimes low-quality NFTs.

In order to address this, we will create and offer our users the service of all information on the validated NFTs from Froyo Games. This service will allow our users to evaluate their works or the works that are in their position to determine the best price to trade at. The aim of this service is to ensure that artists do not underprice their work and also to ensure that the price is not set too high that it is out of the range of a reasonable purchasing power.


  • To enhance the liquidity and to promote the adoption of NFT into games.

  • To provide more transparency to the NFT market

  • To study and build asset valuation models that can accurately estimate "blue book" values of various NFTs and unique digital assets.

  • To assist projects in understanding their audience and/or marketing opportunities through compilation of tailored market reports, analysis and competitor research.

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